Group of office workers at table drinking coffee

Keurig Countertop Office Brewer

...never leave the office again to get your favourite Starbucks!

Did you know? 32% of employees leave work to purchase coffee outside! The UK spends £730 million per year on coffee! Research shows that employees are increasingly looking for a higher-quality coffee house experience in the workplace or they take a break from the office in search of their favourite brand.

The Keurig countertop office brewing system enables you to provide Starbucks coffee and Twinings tea in the workplace, along with a range of other varieties from Fair Trade Certified Organic Sumatran Reserve to flavoured Hazlenut or French Vanilla, teas and hot chocolate. Drinks can be dispensed in a range of sizes from 4oz - 12oz to suit individual taste.

Keurig brewers are available in two sizes to suit different demand and volume requirements and enable you to both impress clients and improve employee motivation and productivity.