Range of Baudot acoustic solutions


A beautiful example of where form meets function!

As well as making a visual impact, the Baudot range can also be used in acoustic landscaping, as a solution to noisy environments such as open plan offices, atria and hospitality.

The scope and flexibility of the Baudot family allow it to be tailored to any personal style or project. Freestanding and wall mounted products can be specified to achieve a variety of fun yet purposeful looks. The Baudot range can be used to divide space or mounted on existing walls to help define and enhance various settings.

Through the considered combination of acoustic absorbent materials and forms, Baudot effectively diffuses sound of different frequencies across the spectrum by both absorbing and reducing resonance of sound.

The Baudot family is made up of three product types that look as great alone as they do together and can be specified using a palette of 24 acoustically tested fabrics.

Baudot Zero Wall is a domed piece, wall mounted to add visual interest and improve acoustics without losing floor space. Available in three diameters, each has an optional ash frame that can be finished in a variety of stains or washes.

BAUDOT ZERO FREESTANDING                                                                                                                       Baudot Zero is a compact freestanding piece that can be used individually or in clusters to add functional beauty to any large space. This clever product features a subtle dome design and an acoustic dampening layer that diffuses reverberation and noise. The rotating dome features height adjustability and can be reconfigured to adapt to changing environments and activities. 

Baudot Strings provide an attractive alternative solution to screening and noticeably improves the acoustics within a space. Constructed from extruded aluminium poles surrounded by foam and fabric, Baudot Strings provide an excellent surface to absorb and diffuse sound waves. Various heights can sit together and look stunning when specified in a combination of complementary colours from the Baudot fabric range.