Three orb desks in a line


...there's a new kind of desk around!

Did you know? there's no longer any need for office desks to be in a regimented rectilinear formation. Orb is a revolutionary desking solution that allows the liberalisation of space through 360 degree circular worktops. Orb’s design permits a natural fluidity to the workspace allowing gentle crescents to be created through the simple interlocking of workstations.

Work practices have evolved in recent years, focusing less on individuals performing a task at an assigned workstation for a set period of time each day. Today’s style of working concentrates more on the importance of the accumulation and sharing of knowledge within a group to achieve results. Orb allows instant ad-hoc configurations between co-workers that can often prove the most insightful. Creating a structure to a space that fosters a fluid working style and an environment that encourages movement and interaction is now fundamentally important.

After a generation of mobile working, modern thinking encourages more collaboration through a return to the office. With this comes an increase in demand for desk space - the problem businesses now face is how to create the illusion of space within the same area? Orb has the ability to allow increases in occupancy that challenges the traditional demarcation of space. Working within the same footprint as a rectilinear bench formation, Orb provides a solution that offers the user more personal space and the end result is actually a more compact footprint within the building.