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Managed Print Services (MPS)

86% of organisations state that the main reason for moving to MPS is to gain predictable costs.

EOS (Electronic Office Supplies) are often purchased as and when required, but budgets often sit within different departments so efficiencies can be overlooked. A full Managed Print Solution (MPS) takes into account both the printer and copier fleet and ensures best in class devices, managed and serviced together with remote device monitoring, automated toner replenishment, as well as comprehensive management information reporting.

Our MPS solution allows organisations to better control and manage their in-house printing and document requirements, including hardware and consumables.

The main reasons for adopting such a solution include:

  • Cost reductions of between 10 – 40%
  • Improve document security and reliability
  • Take advantage of technology advances
  • Enable the re-focusing of your IT resource
  • Predictable costs  - understanding the total cost of ownership
  • Improved quality of service, with agreed KPI’s
  • Manage the environmental impact of print
  • Drive a mobile and flexible working environment

An MPS solution is implemented after thorough assessment and analysis of the organisations current and future document printing requirements and resources involving all relevant departments including IT, Facilities, Procurement and Finance. Following the assessment potential future savings and efficiencies are estimated, including environmental improvements.

The analysis investigates the function and current usage of all document output devices and reviews current document workflows from which monthly volumes and costs per device are calculated.

Following the investigation recommendations for adopting a bespoke MPS solution are made, including device consolidation, user to device ratios, document workflows and development of print strategies, automated consumable ordering and meter collection. Full staff training is undertaken before the solution is undertaken. All cartridge requirements are optimised to ensure cost efficiencies are maximised. Printers are optimised to achieve best-in-class hardware, competitive consumable supply and best possible print costs.

Ongoing a dedicated team provides support, and SLA’s are adopted for continuous management and reporting, and they are responsible for driving continuous innovation throughout the term of the contract.