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Invoicing and Management Reporting Tools

At Image we appreciate the potential cost and time impact to client organisations in managing high volumes of low value transactions associated with general office and facilities supplies. At the same time any processes to minimise such impact need to retain visibility and flexibility, for expenditure and costs to be to be easily reviewed and managed. 

From our flexible invoicing structures to our management reporting tools, we can format them to our clients operational requirements, to provide the optimum visibility and control. These can be consolidated across multiple departments and cost centres, even locations and business wide project areas, to ensure the data is formatted to match your internal business requirements.

Invoices and management reports can be provided scheduled by email to specific nominated contacts within your organisation, alternatively reviewed with your appointed account manager during the regular business reviews.

At Image we also go a stage further by trying to put your information directly in your hands whether it’s through the reporting function on our online procurement system or access to your full account and transactional data through our online CX Intelligence system.