Lady on the telephone taking an order over the phone

Personal Touch

From our customer support and distribution team, to expert account management, we are ‘here to help’. We will assign you a personal account manager, who will know every detail of your account and will therefore be able to respond directly to every need. 

We understand at Image that what we do is often not your most important priority and that we need to make it as simple and easy to do. This means understanding your particular business and personal needs, whether it’s what you want, when you order, when and how we deliver, right through to the subsequent administration.

Furthermore, Image do not operate a call centre, but a high quality, informed and helpful customer service team who are key in providing a professional, but also a very friendly service, which differentiate us from our competition. This extends across the business from the account management team, to the distribution and delivery team. We would expect to provide a consistently high level of care and support to all client areas from our direct business contacts to executive and/or single user enquiries, through to the reception or post room.

We are always there to assist in any way we can…