Imagedirect MPS - Managed Print Service

MPS - Managed Print Service

The Image Managed Print Service (MPS) is designed to significantly reduce the high cost of managing your print fleet. With MPS in place the productivity of both printers and staff can be significantly improved together with visibility and control of routine processes and costs, ultimately even driving down your total document volumes.

Internal print and documentation can potentially be a significant area of uncontrolled costs to a business, and many companies do not know or under-estimate their own document production costs. Just managing day to day print support issues alone can soak up valuable skilled IT resource that should be otherwise utilised on more important business critical IT projects.

At Image we take time to understand each client’s specific print environment. We analyse workflows and usage, review your total costs, look into the impact your print has on the environment, audit devices and assess your IT infrastructure. Through this process we are confident we can identify improvements to the way the print environment can be managed, together with clearly measurable savings. This can be achieved in a number of ways at different levels, which can be tailored to your business and the opportunity available.

Managed consumables supply – you may already have the right printers in the right places and not wish to change you existing printer infrastructure. Though our fleet monitoring software you can still make significant savings and remove costly stock redundancy by getting you consumables delivered just in time to your printers.

Printer reconciliation – you may already have the right printers but just deployed in the wrong place, or a mixture of expensive to run and cost efficient machines. We can offer help and advice on printer placement and show you where replacing expensive to run machines can quickly result in cost savings.

Servicing and maintenance – you may simply want to get the best out of what printers you have, and regular planned maintenance can reduce downtime and extend the life of your printer fleet, resulting in yet more savings. Clients also consistently tell us how pro-active servicing has significantly reduced the number of calls to their in-house IT service desks.

Full Managed Print Service – alternatively you may wish us to design the optimal infrastructure for you, with a mix of hardware, software and services combined and tailored to your business and print requirements. This may include retaining some devices you already have, rationalising the fleet down to the right size and mix, and introducing new technology as appropriate. We will also agree the account management, servicing and support you require. For many clients our consolidated billing service proves invaluable and is another major benefit of MPS.

MPS Services are becoming a valuable proposition to many businesses, and our experienced team will ensure that your printer infrastructure is co-ordinated to save you money and improve efficiency.